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Take advantage of our ready to use leadership habit-building tools and materials.

E-learning content

License our digital leadership habit-building courses

Enrich and expand your remote leadership training offering by licensing our digital leadership habit-building training content to embed in your own systems.

turnkey Tools & Materials

Leadership habit-building kits

Use our turnkey materials to facilitate your leadership habit-building training. We provide you with everything you need, such as a facilitator guide, slide deck, and participant workbooks.

Develop Strategy

Help your leaders understand what strategy is and what it isn’t and then guide them through a clear process on how to develop a good business strategy.

You’ll teach them a variety of practical frameworks to support their business strategy development efforts and illustrate these concepts and frameworks with lots of real-life examples to help bring them to life.

Give & Receive Feedback Effectively

Teach your leaders how to deliver feedback in a way that proactively stops people from becoming defensive and proactively turns feedback into a learning experience.

Smart decision-making

Help your leaders understand the causes of bad decision-making that all leaders should be mindful of. Then teach them how to proactively take measures to avoid these common traps in order to make better decisions.

Foster Effective Dialogue

Help your leaders improve their ability to collaborate by using dialogue versus discussion in conversations. 

Delegate Effectively

Help your leaders gain a much deeper understanding of delegation and how to use it effectively in order to exponentially increase their ability to deliver efficiently and effectively on the goals for which they are responsible.

Time management & Productivity

Help your leaders manage their use of time more effectively. Teach them how to establish healthy, long-term, productive time management habits such as how to plan their time, prioritize the right tasks, delegate where possible, eliminate unnecessary activities, and more.

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