Leadership development that sticks

the leadership habit-building lab™

by Upwardley

Discover how our science-backed leadership habit-building methodology can help you deliver leadership development programs that create lasting behavior change.

The problem

Most leadership programs fail to achieve lasting behavior change

Lasting behavior change is the holy grail of leadership development. Yet, most leadership development programs don’t go beyond knowledge transfer: They fail to help participants turn what they learn into new lasting habits to improve their leadership effectiveness.

Our Solution

The Leadership Habit-Building Lab™

The Leadership Habit-Building Lab™ by Upwardley teaches our science-backed methodology to help you develop leadership programs that help participants let go of unwanted behaviors and instead adopt the critical behaviors to become future-ready leaders.

the facts

Five reasons most leadership programs fail to help leaders achieve lasting change

Training leaders is a process, not an event

Leadership training as it's currently delivered, is too episodic. However, adopting new desired leadership behaviors as habits takes more than a few days at a workshop.

Knowledge transfer doesn't drive behavior change

Just teaching people how they should behave won't create better leaders. Because knowing how one should behave and actually choosing to do so are vastly different propositions.

Behavior change requires identity-level change

Because our habitual actions are rooted in our beliefs. And if we maintain those current beliefs, we won't be able to achieve lasting change. Yet few programs proactively help leaders identify and rethink those beliefs.

Lack of focus on unlearning bad habits

Before implementing the new desired behaviors, programs needs to help leaders understand what triggers their existing bad habits and then teach them how to neutralize, redirect, mitigate, or reframe their habitual response to those triggers.

Sustaining change requires a commitment to ongoing support

But few programs equip leaders with the tools or provide the support to help them avoid the pitfalls and overcome the hurdles on their change journey that could otherwise upend their efforts.

Learn with us

Join us at The Leadership Habit-Building Lab™

The Leadership Habit-Building Lab™ hosts a masterclass that will teach you a step-by-step process that enables you to design & deliver transformational leadership development programs.

After attending this masterclass you’ll know how to use our habit-building methodology in your leadership trainings to help participants:

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