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Explore our leadership habit-building programs which are specifically geared toward helping you address critical organizational and leadership challenges. They are available face-to-face and in virtual formats.

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Core leadership habit-building programs

What makes a good front line manager differs greatly from what makes an effective functional leader. Hence these 4 core programs address the specific developmental needs to create better leaders at each leadership level across your organization.

Essential Leadership Habits

All leaders/live online & licensable
Create better leaders across all levels of your organization by developing & strengthening the 8 essential leadership habits fundamental to their leadership effectiveness, whether it’s a first-line manager, a middle manager, or a functional leader.

Develop Kickass New Managers

New managers/live online & licensable
Set your new managers up for success. Help them acquire the leadership habits to manage others to achieve results effectively.

Lead Effectively from the Middle

Mid-level leaders/live online & licensable
Help your middle managers develop & strengthen the leadership habits they need to effectively navigate and reconcile the needs and demands of their direct reports and superiors.

Senior Leader Excellence

Senior-level leaders/live online & licensable
Develop the ability of your senior managers to step up to organizational leadership by teaching them to see beyond their functional area and start thinking about the overall organization.

programs to address common challenges

Specialty leadership habit-building programs

There are 5 virtual programs that are specifically geared toward helping you address critical organizational and leadership challenges.

Create Exceptional People-Centric Leaders

All leaders/live online & licensable
Equip your leaders with the skills they need to get the best of people individually, as well as how to create & lead high-performing teams.

Make Better Decisions

All leaders/live online & licensable
Provide your people with the insights, tools, and processes they need to make well-informed, effective, and timely decisions, as well as to anticipate & manage the unknown risks of those decisions.

Develop & Execute Strategy

All leaders/live online & licensable
Develop your people’s strategic thinking to make the right trade-offs about achieving your organization’s goals and teach them how to ensure the proper execution of those strategic choices.

Lead In A Hybrid World

All leaders/live online & licensable
Prepare your people to lead effectively in the new world of work by enabling them to develop the communication, collaboration, relationship-building, and organizational skills they need to succeed.

Performance & Well-Being

All leaders/live online & licensable
Teach your managers and leaders how to take care of themselves and be their best amidst the daily pressures of being a leader in today’s VUCA world.

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