Essential Habits
of the Modern Leader

Creating effective leaders

Start with a solid foundation

What makes an effective first-line manager differs from what makes an effective functional leader. Leaders have to learn new capabilities and let go of old ones to meet the job requirements of each new leadership level.

However, there’s a set of 8 foundational capabilities that are fundamental to the success of a leader at any level, whether it’s a first-line manager, a middle manager, or a functional leader. 

Trying to create better leaders across all levels of an organization should start with a focus on developing and strengthening these essential habits of an effective modern leader.

The 8 foundational capabilities

Intentionality is the aim of the 8 essential habits of a modern leader. By mastering and practicing these capabilities, managers and leaders will be much more intentional about showing up as a leader each day, in matters big and small.

The intentional leader is deliberate and purposeful in their actions. Because they know that everything they say, do or emote is interpreted by their employees as cues to inform their own actions and behaviors.

A deficit in any of these essential capabilities can seriously undermine the effectiveness of a manager or leader at any level.

Lead by example

Be deliberate about what you stand for & how you deliver on that; Recognize that your attitudes & behaviors set the tone for your team.

Leadership character

Your character is essential as a leader to build trust and credibility; without it, people will not follow you.

Show up as a leader

Proactively manage your demeanor, communication and identity to support your impactfulness as a leader.

Build strong relationships

Build and maintain deep-rooted, trusting, and authentic relationships with direct reports, peers and superiors.

Personal mastery & growth

Assess and recognize your strengths and development needs; Have a growth mindset and pursue self-development.

Resilience & grit

Handle pressure effectively; remain optimistic and persist, despite adversity. Recover quickly from setbacks.

Effective time management​

Maximize your time & accomplish goals by spending it appropriately – i.e. getting the right things done at the right time, by spending the right amount of time.

Feedback & developing others​

Develop the ability of others to perform and contribute to the organization by providing ongoing feedback and by providing opportunities to learn through formal and informal methods.

"Leadership is the art of intentional living"

Farshad Asl

Our "Essential Habits of a Modern Leader" program

Upwardley’s essential modern leader habit-building program provides organizations with a continuous leadership training solution to help managers and leaders adopt the habits to become more effective, intentional leaders.

In addition, each employee is provided with a completely personalized learning journey based on their individual development needs.

And because we know that changing behavior is challenging, our proprietary habit-building engine offers your people daily, individual support to help turn learning into lasting leadership habits.

Design A Habit-Building Program For Your Leaders

Leadership training the Upwardley way

Upwardley isn’t an LMS or e-learning platform: It is a leadership habit-building platform, which brings together our specially developed online classes, contextualization exercises, and habit-building engine.

We go beyond knowledge transfer and help your employees learn and adopt the habits to become better leaders.

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