Essential Habits for Modern Leaders



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Essential Habits for Modern Leaders

Leadership is the art of intentional living.

Challenges addressed by this program:​

Creating effective leaders: Start with a solid foundation

What makes an effective first-line manager differs from what makes an effective functional leader. Leaders have to learn new capabilities and, as often happens, let go of old ones to meet the job requirements of each new leadership level. However, a set of 8 foundational capabilities are fundamental to the success of a leader at any level, whether it’s a first-line manager, a middle manager, or a functional leader. And because a deficit in any of these essential capabilities can seriously undermine a leader’s effectiveness at any level, efforts to create better leaders across all levels of an organization should start with a focus on developing and strengthening these essential habits of an effective modern leader.

Key take-aways from this program:

By participating in this leadership habit-building program participants will:

  • Become more deliberate about what they stand for and how they deliver on that.
  • Learn to hone their personal mastery in order to take full responsibility for continuously developing and improving their leadership effectiveness.
  • Recognize that their attitudes and behaviors set the tone for their team and understand how they can proactively manage their demeanor, communication, and identity to support their impactfulness as a leader.
  • Expand their ability to build and maintain deep-rooted, trusting, and authentic relationships with direct reports, peers and superiors.
  • Learn how to best handle the daily pressures of being a leader and how to deal with inevitable setbacks.
  • Discover a new way to optimize their use of time and thereby accomplish their goals – i.e., get the right things done at the right time by spending the right amount of time.
  • Become masterful at getting people to perform at their best by tapping into their intrinsic motivation and by providing effective developmental feedback on them.


Pricing for this program starts at $2,250 per participant for a minimum group size of 5 participants. For a custom quote, contact us to discuss your needs.

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