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Lead Effectively from the Middle

Middle managers are the engine of the business, the cogs that make things work, the glue that keeps companies together.

Challenges addressed by this program:

A challenging double act: The critical role of middle managers

In this time of distributed teams and hybrid workplaces, the distances increase between individual employees and different organizational layers. As such, companies depend on the unique capabilities of middle managers to keep everyone connected.

These middle managers need the capabilities to effectively navigate and reconcile the needs and demands of their direct reports and superiors. To do so successfully, they need to acquire both followership skills that enable them to influence upward effectively (their bosses) and leadership skills to help effectively lead their direct reports, who themselves are managers.

Key take-aways from this program:

By participating in this leadership habit-building program to help middle managers acquire both the followership and leadership skills to effectively navigate and reconcile the needs and demands of their direct reports and superiors, participants will:

  • Strengthen their ability to persuade others, build consensus through give and take, and gain cooperation from others to obtain information and accomplish goals.
  • Explore how they can further hone their collaboration skills to get people to work together to solve customers’ and the organization’s issues.
  • Learn how to get their people to talk more effectively together by fostering and engaging them through dialogue.
  • Adopt new habits to help them build and maintain deep-rooted, trusting, and authentic relationships with direct reports, peers, and superiors.
  • Improve their ability to lead through questions to effectively lead and empower their direct reports.
  • Boost their ability to achieve results through others by delegating effectively.
  • Learn how to effectively balance day-to-day management versus leadership.
  • Strengthen their ability to formulate and execute a departmental strategy that dovetails with the business strategy & goals.


Pricing for this program starts at $2,250 per participant for a minimum group size of 5 participants. For a custom quote, contact us to discuss your needs.

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