Design A Habit-Building Program
For Your Leaders

One size does not fit all, so Upwardley lets you design a plan based on the specific management & leadership development needs of your team or organization.

Just pick and mix our four solution options below to create your tailor-made program to create better leaders across all levels of your organization.

Note: Each program comes with:

Essential modern leader

Develop and reinforce the fundamental skills of modern leadership across all levels of your organization.  


per person/month

$828 per person/year

Who is this for?:
Managers and leaders across all levels of the organization. 

Features include:

New manager toolkit

Enable your first-time managers and potential managers to make the shift from individual contributor to kick-ass manager.


per manager/month

$1308 per manager/year

Who is this for?:
Managers who oversee a workforce of purely individual contributors 

Features include:

Lead effectively from the middle

Help your mid-level leaders develop the core capabilities they need to lead more effectively from the middle.


per leader/month

$2388 per leader/year

Who is this for?:
Mid-level leaders who oversee several lower-level managers. For example, senior managers, associate directors, and directors.

Features include:

Senior leader excellence

Help your senior leaders effectively handle the greater responsibility, visibility, and pressure of leading their department, function, region, division, or business unit.


per leader/month

$3588 per leader/year

Who is this for?:
Senior business leaders who are wholly responsible for one or more of the key functions or business units within an organization.

Features include:

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Guide on how to build leadership habits

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  • An introduction to the theory behind leadership habit-building
  • A deep understanding of the critical success factors for an effective leadership habit-building approach
  • A step-by-step overview of how leadership habit-building creates better leaders

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