Seeing is believing

Dim the lights and view short videos about how Upwardley helps you create awesome leaders across all levels of your organization.


Just hearing someone tell us what we should do to become a better leader will not spur us to change our behavior for the long term. That’s why every Upwardley class includes what we lovingly refer to as “contextualization exercises” that put things into context and outline how the learning is relevant and useful. This video provides a quick look at how that works

Multi-modal experience

Upwardley creates a transformational learning experience by actively engaging users in a blended learning experienceacross multiple modalities.

Build habits

Leaders aren’t created overnight by attending some miracle leadership training program or by binge-watching a series of online videos. Rather, they are created through a daily commitment to doing the hard work required to become a better leader. That’s why Upwardley built a proprietary habit-building engine into our platform to enable your people to turn what they learn into lasting leadership habits.

Design A Habit-Building Program For Your Leaders

We need to drastically rethink how we provide training for leaders, because the traditional approach creates mere momentary strength and fails to achieve the desired lasting behavior change.

Brenda van Camp, Founder & CEO, Upwardley

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