Give & Receive Feedback Effectively – Facilitator kit

Teach your leaders how to deliver feedback in a way that proactively stops people from becoming defensive and proactively turns feedback into a learning experience.


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Workshop overview

Giving feedback is one of those leadership competencies that sounds so simple but trips up so many leaders. In theory, leaders know that giving feedback is good for the employee and the organization. However, in reality, most leaders worry that their feedback will do more damage than good. So what do they do? They talk themselves out of giving feedback unless their employees have done something truly egregious.

Unfortunately, all this consternation about and inability to provide effective feedback is holding back both teams and organizations. It is the silent killer that costs your organization $millions in suboptimal performance and employee mistakes. However, all is not lost: With the help of this leadership habit-building workshop, you’ll teach your people how to give effective feedback in a way that gets heard.

Learning objectives

What participants will learn

By attending this workshop, participants will learn:

  • What good feedback is and isn’t

  • What subconscious issues can get in their way of giving and receiving feedback is so hard

  • What the business consequences are when they fail to give feedback

  • The five prerequisites for formulating good developmental feedback that enables their employees to learn what they can do to improve their performance

  • How to avoid certain common pitfalls that could undermine the effectiveness of their feedback

  • How to use a simple step-by-step framework to deliver their thoughtfully considered developmental feedback in a way that allows their employees to hear it and learn from it, rather than feel threatened by it and get defensive

product information

Our leadership-habit building approach

The holy grail of leadership development is lasting behavior change. Unfortunately, most traditional leadership workshops fail to move beyond knowledge transfer. And just telling participants what they should do only leads to momentary change, if that.

That’s why we incorporate our specially designed contextualization exercises in all our workshops. They are part of our proprietary leadership habit-building methodology. These exercises help participants grasp how what they are learning is relevant and valuable to them and how to apply it to improve their leadership.

In addition, your facilitator kit also includes guidance and templates to help you implement a 3-month follow-up process to support participants in truly turning what they learn during this workshop into new leadership habits.

What's in the facilitator kit?

The facilitator guide includes the following:

  • Facilitator guide for both live online and face-to-face delivery

  • Flash drive with slide deck

  • Participant workbook (for reference)

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Give & Receive Feedback Effectively – Facilitator kit



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