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Help your leaders improve their ability to collaborate by using dialogue versus discussion in conversations.


the topic

Workshop overview

Communication is the first fundamental step to getting things done. That’s why we spend 35-50% of our time in meetings. And much of that time is unproductive because we’re not very good at talking effectively together about critical issues. We know how to advocate for our perspective, but we get annoyed and frustrated when someone challenges it. This workshop will help participants discover how using dialogue, a cooperative approach to a conversation, can help them talk more effectively together – leading to better solutions and decisions, better relationships, and a better flow of information.

In this workshop, you’ll first explore the five guiding principles participants have to adopt to change their attitude and mindset about interacting and collaborating with other people. For example, they have to learn to forgo their desire to “win” the argument and instead replace it with a desire to collaboratively develop a better solution or deeper understanding.

Next, you will detail the 3 key behaviors participants must master to create a more dialogue-driven culture. This includes learning how to practice extraordinary respect, listen deeply while suspending judgment, and speak their truth straightforwardly and respectfully.

Learning objectives

What participants will learn

By attending this workshop, participants will learn how they can massively improve their team’s ability to effectively collaborate by learning to talk more effectively together through dialogue rather than discussion as the default mode of exchange. To do so they will learn:

  • How dialogue differs from discussion

  • What the business benefits are of using dialogue rather than discussion as the default mode of exchange

  • The 5 key principles you’re to live by to master dialogue yourself and to foster it with others

    • Open mindedness

    • Seek other perspectives

    • Explore different assumptions

    • Learn rather than win

    • Tell your truth

  • The 4 key leadership behaviors a leader has to model to create a dialogue-driven culture in your team

product information

Our leadership-habit building approach

Embracing dialogue is more than learning a conversation technique. It’s about changing your attitude and mindset about interacting and collaborating with other people. However, just hearing about it won’t necessarily lead to a lasting change in their communication behavior.

That’s why this workshop includes several of our specially-designed contextualization exercises. They are part of our proprietary leadership habit-building methodology. These exercises help participants grasp how what they are learning is relevant and valuable to them and how to apply it to improve their leadership.

In addition, your facilitator kit also includes guidance and templates to help you implement a 3-month follow-up process to support participants in truly turning what they learn during this workshop into new leadership habits.

What's in the facilitator kit?

The facilitator guide includes the following:

  • Facilitator guide for both live online and face-to-face delivery

  • Flash drive with slide deck

  • Participant workbook (for reference)

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Foster Effective Dialogue – Facilitator kit



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