Time Management & Productivity – Facilitator Kit

Help your leaders manage their use of time more effectively. Teach them how to establish healthy, productive time management habits for the long term. Habits such as planning their time, prioritizing the right tasks, delegating where possible, eliminating unnecessary activities, and more.


the topic

Workshop overview

Most managers and leaders are crazy busy and feel like they’ve somewhat lost control over how they spend their time. Even while they work at a fast clip every day, they have this chronic sense of slippage and not being able to do their best work.

This workshop helps them turn that around by helping them discover an entirely new perspective on how to maximize their time to be more productive at work and have a more robust personal life.

This workshop takes a highly interactive approach.

First, you will guide participants through a simple time audit to establish their starting point.
Then, you will help them review and rethink their approach to maximizing their time by exploring the following questions:

How much time should they spend working?
On what should they spend their work time?
What is their optimal daily work rhythm?
How can they proactively control their focus?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This workshop is not just one of those “tips & tricks” time management classes that may help participants save a minute here and there. Instead, this workshop will fundamentally change their choices about how they use their time and help them do more of the right things at the right time.

Learning objectives

What participants will learn

By attending this workshop, participants will learn:

  • How they are currently allocating their time and how this differs from how they IDEALLY would want to spend their time

  • They could be more productive if they spend less time working. And how to set work time boundaries and determine how much time they should spend on work

  • How to determine what activities they should spend their working time on to move them closer to the strategic goals for which they are responsible

  • How to improve their productivity by optimizing their personal work rhythm according to their chronotype

  • Insights about how our brain works to improve their ability to sustain their focus throughout their workday

  • Proactive strategies to counteract common external triggers that interrupt our focus at work

product information

Our leadership-habit building approach

The holy grail of leadership development is lasting behavior change. Unfortunately, most traditional leadership workshops fail to move beyond knowledge transfer. And just telling participants what they should do only leads to momentary change, if that.

That’s why we incorporate our specially designed contextualization exercises in all our workshops. They are part of our proprietary leadership habit-building methodology. These exercises help participants grasp how what they are learning is relevant and valuable to them and how to apply it to improve their leadership.

In addition, your facilitator kit also includes guidance and templates to help you implement a 3-month follow-up process to support participants in truly turning what they learn during this workshop into new leadership habits.

What's in the facilitator kit?

The facilitator guide includes the following:

  • Facilitator guide for both live online and face-to-face delivery

  • Flash drive with slide deck

  • Participant workbook (for reference)

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Time Management & Productivity – Facilitator Kit



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