Senior Leader Excellence

The Big Upshift

Stepping up to organizational leadership

Becoming a senior leader requires a major shift in focus to see beyond one’s own functional area and start thinking about the overall organization. Senior leaders need to delegate the day-to-day execution & production of short-term results to their direct reports, so they can increasingly focus on how their department, division, or group can help drive growth for the business as a whole in the longer term.

Such a shift in mental models and mindset doesn’t come naturally to any leader. It requires senior leaders to develop their strategic thinking, build their foresight muscles, learn how to drive change, and boost their financial and business acumen.

Moreover, operating at the senior leadership level also requires true leadership maturity. There is no room for defensiveness, fear of conflict, need for control or perfectionism, self-importance, need for approval, or closed-mindedness.

It’s a tall order that requires focused, ongoing development support.

A drastic change in focus

Moving into senior leadership requires former middle managers to zoom out to a broader, strategic focus that takes into account the whole organization.



Develop outstanding senior leaders with Upwardley

Upwardley’s “Senior Leader Excellence” habit-building program supports both new and existing senior leaders to strengthen their capabilities in five key areas that drive senior leader excellence:

  • Seeing the big picture
  • Commercial awareness
  • Leading with foresight
  • Organizational design & culture
  • Leadership maturity

To do so, the program focuses on 7 capabilities that enable the shift to being an organizational leader and 6 capabilities that help strengthen their leadership maturity.

Foundational capabilities

The program engages senior leaders to revisit these foundational capabilities in order to refocus on and further strengthen their leadership maturity.

Your character is essential as a leader to build trust and credibility; without it people will not follow you.

Be deliberate about what you stand for and how you deliver on that; Recognize that your attitudes & behaviors set the tone for your team every day.

Assess and recognize your strengths and development needs; Have a growth mindset and pursue self-development.

Proactively manage your demeanor, communication and identity to support your impactfulness as a leader.

Handle pressure effectively; remain optimistic and persist, despite adversity. Recover quickly from setbacks.

Build and maintain deep-rooted, trusting and authentic relationships.

Senior leader capabilities

These 7 capabilities enable senior leaders to develop their strategic thinking, build their foresight muscles, learn how to drive change, manage culture and boost their financial and business acumen.

Takes a long-term view and builds a shared vision with others; acts as a catalyst for organizational change. Influences others to translate vision into action.
Develops the strategy for how to achieve the vision; Makes trade-offs of what not to do, as well as what to do, in order to achieve the organization’s goals

Has the ability to create and maintain a high-quality, coherent and functional forward view, and uses the insights in useful organizational ways

Develop new insights and question conventional approaches; Create optimal conditions for experimentation & appetite for change; collaboratively design and implement new or cutting edge strategies/processes.

Understands how the business operates, how it makes money, its competitive position and how own department impacts the organization as a whole.

Develops & re-inforces a company culture that supports the company vision & goals.

Leverages storytelling to envision, explain and, ultimately, persuade people to adopt a new perspective.


Design A Habit-Building Program For Your Leaders

Leadership training the Upwardley way

Upwardley is NOT an LMS or an e-learning platform:

Upwardley is a leadership habit-building platform, which brings together our specially developed online classes with contextualization exercises, individual coaching, online group sessions, and habit-building loops.

We go beyond knowledge transfer and provide your leaders with a truly transformational experience that helps them learn and adopt the habits to become outstanding senior leaders.

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